Apparently, former MLB All-Star Jose Canseco challenged four-time NBA champion Shaq to a fight a while ago, and now Shaq has apparently accepted the challenge to face off in a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight.

"I challenged him a long time ago. If he wants it done, he knows where to find me," were the challenging words spoken by Canseco. 

Canseco, 47, had been recently attempting a baseball comeback with the Quintana Roo Tigres of the Mexican League.  His comeback dreams were sadly short lived however, as he was declined a position on the team because he refused to take a drug test.  Canseco has admitted to using steroids in the past during his MLB career.  He explained that he was advised not to take the drug test because of prescription medicine he is currently taking to help him produce testosterone hormones in his aging body. 

The former best center in the NBA, Shaquille O'Neal, responded to Canseco's challenge with a classic line of Shaq comedy:

"He can be high off whatever, and I'll be high off Frosted Flakes."

Shaq, 40, has conquered many different challenges in the past, outside of his basketball career, including his former show Shaq vs, where he underwent many challenges and even exchanged punches with former boxing champions/legends Shane Mosely and Oscar De La Hoya. 

At 7-foot-1 and weighing in at a whopping 325lbs, Shaquille O'Neal poses a very big threat to Jose Canseco if they ever do step into the ring or the Octagon.

Note: Canseco already lost his first MMA fight in 77 seconds to the likes of 7-foot-2 South Korean Hong Man Choi, in 2009.