The passing of the legendary Whitney Houston has left gaping holes in the hearts of her kin.  Fortunately for her daughter Bobbi Kristina, and adopted son Nick Gordon, the two were able to find comfort within one another.  

It may seem like a shock to the masses that the daughter and the adopted son of Whitney Houston would form a bond far past that of brother-sister, to a romantic one.  However, during times of great loss, people are able to find out who is really there for them, who will stand beside them, and lift them up during those hard times.  

There have been many people who have reacted negatively to the new-found romance between Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon, however Nick recently took to Twitter to defend his new relationship with Bobbi, in a very firm, yet mature way.

He talked about how loyal they are to each other, and how this new relationship has nothing to do with seeking some sort of monetary gain.  

Read the tweets for yourself to see how strongly Nick is willing to stand by Bobbi.