In a statement sent to, Shyne said making peace with Diddy in Paris last week was a victory for hip hop, but also has positive ramifications for young Black and Latino men.

"You can't overstate the cultural significance of what Shyne and Diddy reconciling means," Shyne wrote. "You know I'm about it when it comes to them hammers, thus unfortunately this could have ended like Tupac and B.I.G. But what if Tupac and B.I.G ended like this and reconciled?"

"Let's celebrate this moment as a historical event and a victory for hip-hop and Afro and Latin American men trained to exterminate each other," he added. "It's a new day! L'chaim!!!"

The rapper, who changed his name to Moses Michael Levi to honor his Jewish heritage, says squashing the beef sends a positive message to young Black and Latino youth.

"On a scale of what this says to African and Latin American men, who have been trained to self hate and to self-destruct, this is a watershed moment," the proud rapper continued. "The paradigm shift that's taking place as the way Afro and Latin American men deal with each other is tremendous. This could be a gigantic step in putting an end to the cycle of hate and violence that is self-genocidal and destroying the minority community by sending fathers off to jail or an early grave."