Despite the recent acceptance of big booties, Coco recently revealed in an interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine that she used to be very self conscious about her large, round bottom.

She recalls having been called fat by a photo shoot director at one point, and how his comment motivated her to do whatever she possibly could to tone up her figure and lose weight, especially in the back side region. 

In the interview Coco stated:

"When I was 18, the J.Lo butt was not in. To have a booty was not the thing. You were considered fat if you had a booty. I was being cast in stuff where you'll see all these really beanpole-looking white girls with blonde hair and big boobs. That's what I wanted to be.  I went and tried everything from diet pills to cleansing to everything you could possibly do to get rid of your butt. Bulimia - I tried that but I love my food too much."

Her loving husband Ice-T showed her all the support any woman with insecurity issues could hope for over the years, as he constantly encouraged her to be proud of her curvy image, and that she was a beautiful woman.

"You got a little waist and a nice, round butt... That's what's unique about you. The boobs - anybody can go buy them."