The iQ Project Museum, created by car-maker Scion, is described as being a "rich digital initiative created to preserve cultural movements, moments and musicians that are at risk of being lost. The first three online exhibits will feature rare artifacts from significant music moments."

It will feature digital exhibits of Strata Records, the La Chicano punk scene, and Hip-Hop pioneer DJ Prince Paul.

Manager of sales promotions for the Scion company, Jeri Yoshizu, released this statement about the company and its support for creativity:

"The company has shown their support of the creative community over the years and we built this program to show that our commitment goes deeper than even the underground artists we nurtured. With the Scion iQ Project Museum we have essentially created a very modern way to honor important musical movements in an infinite, online museum space."

According to a source close to the development of the iQ Project Museum, Prince Paul's digital exhibit will include a, "guided tour of a selection of artifacts from his high school days and the start and early part of his career, which have never before seen the light of day. One finds the story of the early years of iconic Hip-Hop producer Prince Paul when he was just an ambitious Paul Huston from Amityville, New York. The exhibit follows the journey from his teenage days as the DJ/producer for Stetsasonic (the original Hip-Hop band) and his unparalleled collaborations with De La Soul, to his later solo LPs Psychoanalysis (What Is It?) and A Prince Among Thieves."