Former police officer and South Jamaica, Queens native Eric Adams is now a New York State Senator who is adamantly fighting to ban students from sagging their pants in public schools. 

Adams addressed the fact that sagging pants is a bad image for students to adapt, and that it actually prevents them from aspiring to become successful adults in the future.

"When you walk through the halls of our schools, you see children showing their behind, the cracks of their behind, their underwear, young girls showing their G-strings.  And the institution that's supposed to be responsible for developing well-rounded young people is not stopping it."

Mr. Adams feels as though these students are receiving a lack of guidance from their household, whether it be from their parents or another guardian.  That lack of guidance is translating into more and more students resorting to improper levels of respect when it comes to the way they dress themselves for the public eye to see.  Because of this, Mr. Adams feels that an even greater intervention is needed to enforce the youth of today to dress appropriately.

"The communities I represent are ground zero for sagging. Some people may think, What's the big deal? But it's more than someone not wearing a belt on their pants. It is symbolic of the erosion of basic, normal decency. People shouldn't be displaying their pubic hairs. That is not normal, acceptable behavior in young people that we are grooming to be in a professional environment. You can't dress the same on the corner as you can in corporate America — you'll be unemployed."