Kris Humphries originally wanted his Minnesota business lawyer to represent him in the Kim Kardashian divorce case.  However, an out-of-state lawyer must have a local attorney by his side while conducting theses types of divorce cases in California. 

Kris ended up hiring an L.A. lawyer, who ended up withdrawing from the case for some reason, so his Minnesota lawyer was left without a sponsor. 

Kris was left with no other choice regarding the matter than to appoint himself as his own lawyer.  Whether he will be able to have his Minnesota business lawyer present with him for the divorce case is currently unclear. 

He will surely need some extremely good legal advice, as Kris's opponent in this case who is representing Ms. Kardashian, is none other than the top of the divorce lawyer chart, Laura Wassser.  She is one of the most powerful divorce lawyers in Hollywood and for good reason.  With celebrity cases such as Britney Spears, Maria Shriver, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, and Ryan Reynolds under her belt, Kris Humphries better come extremely prepared for the worst case scenarios.