On the 15th-year anniversary of the Notorious BIG's death, former and current rappers as well as other entertainers weigh in on the legend's career that was tragically cut short. 

Bad Boy member French Montana recently recalled the first time he listened to the late-great's debut album Ready to Die.

He states: 

"In Big's early days you would hear freestyles here and there, but when you heard Ready To Die the album--it was crazy. Big just tells a story. That's what I loved about Big, and what I liked about 'Pac and certain people. In New York, everybody is so focused on being lyrical. The people that have the longevity in the game are the people who touch fans. It's people who tell you their life story and you buy into the character and most important thing is that you feel like them. They are going through the same thing you are going through. When he dropped Ready To Die, from start to the end, I was like, 'Damn, I feel like that.' My Favorite joint of all time is "You're Nobody." And that freestyle he did for 'Jackin' For Beats'."

What do you remember most about Biggie's career?