Fifteen years have past since the Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down and taken away from this Earth.  His death has left gaping holes in the hearts of many. His music was so influential that kids growing up in the 2000's era still listen to his lyrics on a daily basis as if he were alive.

DJ Premier honored the 15th anniversary of Biggie Small's death by remembering a fun moment he spent with Biggie.

"When it comes to a "Natural", Biggie fits the description 100%. My time with him always came with a laugh and then another and then another even when he was dealing with a good or bad situation in which i have witnessed both.

I remember one day my partner GURU was arrested on Fulton Ave in Brooklyn late night while he was with Biggie and a few members of Junior Mafia while he was leaning on his Jaguar over an accidental fraud on his credit card, making him the guilty party of his own card without any proof.

The police officer said that one of us could watch his car and park it for him so that it would not get impounded.
When they took Guru in, Biggie offered to watch his car while i went to the precinct to find out if he posted bail. BIG got in the drivers seat and just sat there staring at the dashboard as if he was lost and i asked him if there's anything wrong. He said "Nah I'm aight. i just don't know how to drive a car, but i wanted to see how it feels to sit behind the wheel of a Jag".

We all laughed and one of the members of Junior Mafia moved the car and gave me the keys to give back to GURU.
Back at the precinct, the officer ran full check on Guru's identity and he was free & clear of any wrongdoing and was released.

One of the most memorable days of great history amongst two great icons, fathers and human beings my life has ever come across" -DJ Premier