After a long 30 month Internal Affairs investigation, two LAPD officers have been identified as being the primary suspects who sold the picture of Rihanna battered and beaten after she was assaulted by Chris Brown, to TMZ. 

Rebecca Reyes and Blanca Lopez, who have been on a 30 month paid administrative leave, could face possible termination if the Internal Affairs Group (IAG) investigation results with them being held responsible. 

Reyes was assigned to work the case shortly after the incident occurred, according to police reports.  Lopez on the other hand, who was a rookie cop at the time, was never assigned to work on the investigation regarding Chris Brown assaulting Rihanna.  The two police officers were however, roommates at the time, so the two of them are being seriously investigated.

LAPD spokesman, Officer Cleon Joseph deemed the investigation a "confidential matter" and refused to comment on the matter further.