Kreayshawn was trending on Twitter last night, but for all the wrong reasons. The "White Girl Mob" leader has now set her Twitter profile to private after a myriad of hateful racist tweets were posted from her page.

Many people were offended at the messages that were made public, leading some to wonder if the often controversial rapper's account had been hacked. On Thursday morning a message was sent from her account, reading "Gm guys, last nite hacked my page, i am sorry, i love FRIED CHICKEN! Forgive me," which was not much of an apology if it was meant to be one.

Kreayshawn has yet to respond to the situation, but you can read what fans were saying in response to the tweets:

UPDATE: Kreayshawn issued a statement following the incident, saying "I didn't tweet that statement, it's a fake RT, which happens to me all the time but they don't usually get taken seriously or get picked up like this last fake hateful statement."

Source: Twitter