Foolish is the only word that can properly describe the actions of 26-year-old John Jardini. 

In Pittsburgh just days ago, Jardini approached a young woman and robbed her of $60 and demanded that she give him her phone number.  After having robbed her, he then foolishly proceeded to call her multiple times. He asked her if she had a boyfriend and if she wanted to go on a date with him.

The young woman immediately called the police after speaking to him on the phone.  Police officials began tracking Jardini through his phone records, but before they could locate him, they were notified of an assault taking place outside of a nearby market. 

The assault turned out to be Jardini attacking the young woman that HE JUST ROBBED, and her mother!

Once the cops arrived he was arrested on the spot.  He is being charged with robbery and aggravated assault and he is currently being held in jail without bail.

Mary Lou Parker, who is a resident of the area where the robbery occurred voiced her opinion on the situation to KDKA-TV, "How could you be that damn stupid, that dumb?"

Well said, Mary.  Surely everyone who hears about this crazy story will be thinking the same thing.