It has taken years for Dr. Dre's new album Detox to be released, and fans are still patiently waiting.  Dre has been working with a wide array of producers and artists on his project, but he still hasn't been able to polish up the finishing touches in order for it to be released.

Ice Cube, Dre's close associate and long time friend gave an explanation on what he thinks is causing the traffic jam on Dre's album.  Cube believes that since Dre has become such as successful businessman over the years, his priorities aren't only focused on producing music at the moment.

On the Morning's Sway Calloway, Cube told Sway and Devi Dev, "Honestly? Them headphones are selling, selling, selling. What would you rather sell somebody: $300 headphones, or a $10 tape?"

Ice Cube does have a good point, everyone seems to be buying those headphones.