New Orleans native Jay Electronica is not yet a household name. But, if it's any consolation, the rapper was just interviewed for a mini-documentary series called "Excellence Makers." So yeah, he's doing alright.

He sat down to discuss the influence the Big Easy has on his music. "I'm from the Magnolia Projects in New Orleans, Louisiana. I grew up going to parades and second lines and seeing marching bands and second line brass bands so I always wanted to learn how to play a horn or something," Jay Elec said. "At a certain point in high school I got into a marching band, but I had been rapping at that point already. I started off with tape decks, like my grandmother had gospel tapes. My grandmother only played gospel music, only gospel music. That was it...I been rapping since I was ten-years-old, you know what I'm saying? So if I'm 10-years-old rapping from 10-years-old to 34, either I suck really bad and I need to snap out of it or I'm gonna just be really good."

We have faith in this one.