In Long Beach, California last Friday (Feb. 24th, 2012), 11 year old Joanna Ramos died merely six hours after engaging in a fight with a fellow 11-year-old classmate.  Her death has left her friends, family, and authorities baffled.

Police spokeswoman Nancy Pratt commented on the bizarre event:  "I personally don't hear of 11-year-old fights like this, especially girls. I can't say they never happen but I think everyone was completely caught off-guard by this event."

The two young girls had apparently planned to meet up after school and fight.  The reason behind their school yard brawl: it was all because of a boy, according to various classmates of both girls. 

One of Joanna's classmates, Maggie Martinez reflected on what she saw:

"They took off their backpacks, and they put their hair in a bun, and then that's when they said 'go' and that's when they started hitting each other."  She claims that various female students tried to stop the fight, but were held back by boys who egged them on to continue.

After the fight Joanna returned to the Willard Elementary after school program, where she fell ill and vomited.  Her mother was then called to the scene.

Joanna's mother, who is utterly distraught over the seemingly random death of her daughter, also commented on the final hours leading up to her daughter's passing:

"My daughter started complaining, saying she doesn't feel good, let's go home, so we went to home and I changed her clothes, and she go to sleep, that's the only thing that I know.  We took her to the hospital but it was too late. She was in a coma."

No arrests will be made until all the evidence has been reviewed.