Method Man, as we've previously reported, is always busy juggling acting, music and other career paths. But he did have time to sit down and talk with Global Grind about his favorite collaborations so far. 

"I always wanted to collaborate with Busta, so that's like my all-time favorite right there. You know, Redman, he's considered a brother so I'm not going to even put him in the category. I don't know. I guess Mary," he said. "['All I Need' was classic.] Yeah, she showed the kid love. She definitely did. ... Right now, I'm working on my mix CD and my album. I don't know what label it's going to be on. I think me and Def Jam -- I don't know what they doing over there. I don't know what's going on. Your guess is as good as mine. But I am working."

Let's just hope his future work can stay just as strong.