Even though Method Man is hard at work on his next LP, Crystal Meth, the jack of all trades is still making time for his acting career. 

In a recent interview with Global Grind, the rapper/actor talked about his on-screen skills, his upcoming role and how he does it all. 

"My man [Wendell Pierce] from 'The Wire' had did a few independent movies — you get way more freedom to act when you're in a independent movie as opposed to being in a well-known television series, where they make you actually stick to the script. So when I actually got my chance at a independent, it was the experience that I wanted, didn't matter what the part was," he said. "The director [Gareth Maxwell Roberts] knew exactly how he saw the character and he would give me tips here and there of what that scene should look like. We did two week prep before I even got in front of the character, which was cool for me. I love more prep, the better I think the product comes out. I won't say it was easy, because it's always a challenge, but it was fairly easy when someone is giving you the blueprint, right there in front of your face."

Later, Method commented on his style of acting, "Jesus, I don't know [what the most difficult part of acting is]. I mean there are different things at different times, depending on the role that you take. The most challenging thing is translating what's on paper into film. If you don't have a full understanding of a character, you're going to fail every time. I try my best to get a full understanding and put myself in a character's shoes, so to speak. Doesn't always work, but I do my best."

Who would of thought? We're happy to hear Method takin' his roles seriously. Those opportunities deserve the respect he's offering. We dig it. 

Source: hiphopdx.com