The YMCMB family keeps getting bigger and bigger and growing stronger and stronger.  After signing hit artists like Drake, Tyga, and Nicki Minaj, YMCMB commander Lil Wayne has now stretched his empire even further, bringing on the talents of the beloved 1990's to early 2000's band, Limp Bizkit, and is very close to signing a deal with former Murda Inc. singer Ashanti. 

In response to the signing of Limp Bizkit, Kanye West appeared to post on his and Drake's Twitter page:

"Who is Limp Bizkit?"

However, that tweet seems to have been swiftly removed from Kanye's Twitter feed.  Maybe he felt it was necessary to retract his statement, even if it was meant as a joke, before negative press came rushing his way.

This can only have a positive outcome as both Ashanti and Limp Bizkit are veterans to the music industry and they both carry a hefty amount of fans.  With Wayne's creative style, along with the creative style of pretty much every member of the YMCMB team, this can only add to the great music that they have been consistently producing.

It officially looks as though YMCMB has started a legitimate empire that has the potential to rule for a long time.