Ya gotta be careful with where you put your personal info; Q-Tip is well aware of this fact. 

According to Mobb Deep, Q-Tip learned his lesson the hard way after some wild story. Prodigy is already cautious, but Havoc gave the ultimate cautionary tale.

"You have to think before you tweet," P said in an interview with FUSE. "H*ll yeah," Havoc followed. "You definitely -- if you mean to DM [direct message], make sure you're not tweeting. [laughs] 'Cause you be like, sending some ill provocative message and you think you're DM'ing and you look and you're like, 'Holy sh*t!' [laughs] Q-Tip, he meant to DM me one day and he actually tweeted me but he tweeted his number and -- I had to look at it like, 20 seconds later, 'Yo son, you tweeted your number out.' He was like, 'F*ck! I gotta change my number.' [laughs] Word." 

So remember to be careful with your thousands of fans too!

Source: sohh.com