Terrence Howard was a hot name on the film market for a while.  Doing film after film for a few years, it seemed as though nothing would be able to stop this actor from rising to the top.

That is, until allegations made by his wife have slowed his progress substantially.

Michelle Howard, has accused Terrence of repeatedly abusing her physically.  She described one beating where he smacked her across her face and chipped her tooth with his wedding ring.  On top of that she claims he has threatened to throw her off of a balcony.  The two are currently in the process of a divorce.  

Terrence has since denied these claims, but feels as though the image of being a "woman beater" portrayed by his wife, has done some irreparable damage to his career.

"I am gravely concerned that her actions have had an incredibly negative effect on my career and my ability to obtain future work as an actor."

Who knows, Terrence?  if Chris Brown could bounce back from beating his beautiful ex-girlfriend Rihanna into the hospital, to win a Grammy and have females willing to let him "beat them up" as many have tweeted, maybe there is hope for your image being repaired as well.

Source: theurbandaily.com