Heath Ledger's posthumous Academy win for best supporting actor exemplified the pain and sorrow people felt after his loss. The world was grieving after his perfect performance and some, did their best to keep his legacy moving. 

Accordingly, T-Pain is doing just that, titling his latest mixtape "The Heath Ledger Project." And though some might be offended or even confused, the singer is confident in his decision. "Well, you know how [Ledger] died. He kind of went crazy because he was so into being the Joker," he said. "After they finished shooting [The Dark Knight], he couldn't stop being the Joker. I think he went so crazy trying to master his craft that he died for what he loved doing. He died mastering his craft...It's going to be called The Heath Ledger Project because that's how much I love music. That's how much passion I have for music. I want to master my craft like [Ledger] tried to do before he died."

What do you guys think?

Source: hiphopdx.com