The Linsanity continues with this Lincredible interview about his favorite music. The overnight sensation is a pretty avid hip hop fan and does his best to balance his devout christian faith with his music taste. 

"An artist you gotta check out is Lecrae, he's a Christian rapper, just raps a lot about the Gospel, and about Christian music," Lin told Fuse. "I really enjoy his lyrics as well, so if you're a big lyrics guy, I think that'd be a good fit for you. I listen to something that mellows me out. Hillsong is a Christian band, and they play a lotta contemporary Christian music. I listen to them to remind myself why I'm playing the game, and remind myself I'm playing to glorify God. I really try to just focus on that."

He also conceded that he doesn't like any music that gets him too emotional. 

"I don't try to get too hyped up, otherwise I find myself kinda burned out before the game," he said.

Hey Lin, whatever works.