Warren G. is set to release his new track "Party We Throw Now," and he's released some photos to show who he's collaborating with on the album- Game.

Back in May Warren G. talked about the track, saying: "You know, it's classic West Coast sh**. It's talking about giving everybody the insight on this new West Coast, and just West coast, period and just game, period. It's all over. Whether it's the South, whether it's the East coast, it's a party we will throw. Everybody is going to be able to relate to it. When you hear the hook, you will be like, "Ok, this is exactly what we are missing right here." It's a good record man. I'm glad he got on it. I immediately was like, "This would fit Game right here, this record, this would fit him perfectly." So I got at him and he was like "Man, it's all good, O.G." Boom. In at the studio, knocked it down. The records came out incredible, both records, the one for him and the one for me."

Source: xxlmag.com