Questlove of The Roots is one of the biggest Soul Train fanatics out there, admitting he watches "5 eps a day just as mere background noise," so it's understandable that he was heartbroken over the news of Don Cornelius' death.

Quest took to Okay Player to pen his feelings about the prolific media mogul and his impact on the African American community with Soul Train.

"i just wanna use my position to really let people know that next to Berry Gordy, Don Cornelius was hands down the MOST crucial non political figure to emerge from the civil rights era post 68. the craziest most radical thing of all is i don't even consider Soul Train his most radical statement. yes the idea of the young black teenager NOT mired in legal trouble on the 6 oclock news getting camera time was a new idea to of course the fact the U.S. really got its first vicarious look at our culture was amazing."

Quest also took the show's message to pass on to other artists like D'angelo and Erykah Badu, in the form of TB drives filled with every episode.