Ever since Odd Future's Hodgy Beats threw shade at A$AP Rocky in a tweet, which read "Asap copy," the Harlem born rapper has been bombarded with questions about a beef between their crews. As much as some fans would like to see the two groups battle it out, A$AP is looking for a collabo, not a battle.

A$AP recently sat down with Complex, where he dished on how "f*cking annoying" the questions about the rivalry have been and why he would still work with them.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Is the question getting annoying for you?

It's really irrelevant. Fu*k annoying, it's irrelevant. Put that in there. Quote: "F*ck annoying, it's irrelevant."

What do you see as the biggest difference between your two crews?

East Coast, West Coast. Lifestyle. Culture. Not culture, but just day-to-day, everyday sh*t. It's really f*cked up because I know that they don't like us. A lot of my crew members don't like them n*ggas, but I like them n*ggas. I'm being honest. I like them.

Why don't you think they like you?

Nah. I know they don't like us.

How do you know that?

Because Hodgy went out his way to show that he doesn't like us. He doesn't have to like us. That's fine with me.

Do you think they feel threatened by you guys?

I don't know what it is. They shouldn't because we're not coming for their necks or nothing like that. Personally, like I said, I want to work with Tyler, The Creator.

How big do you think that could be?

I mean, I don't really want to speak on it because it's going to be corny. Like, if we work together, we work together. If we don't, we don't.

Source: thisis50.com