Hit-boy has been hard at work wrapping up the recording for the G.O.O.D. Music compilation, and was just in London with Kanye and the crew getting busy in the lab. He spoke exclusively with Complex, where he spoke about the vibe in the studio in London.

"[I don't know if Jay Electronica spit a verse], I was just in my room working on a bunch of ideas Kanye wanted me to do. I really didn't get to come up there. But Pusha spit a gang of verses to my beats, so did Big Sean, Kanye, and John Legend. I know Marsha got on a couple of my beats and did some hook ideas. We were all just bouncing stuff around. Mannie Fresh actually had the room next to the room I was working in. We was bouncing ideas. There was a bunch of creative shit going on with the most talented motherfuckers in the world."

While there's still work yet to do on the album Hit-Boy says what's already completed is "Quality Shit."

"That's the genius of Kanye, he knows how to put all those people in a room. You can't have an ego with person like Kanye around. It's going to be some fly shit and you are going to have the opportunity to make money off it."

Source: hiphopdx.com