During a recent interview with BallerStatus, newcomer Freddie Gibbs talked about the "gangster" label he's been given as a rapper.

"Do I embrace being a "gangsta" rapper? Yeah, that's the type of sh*t I make. That's the type of sh*t I came up on. It is what it is; I ain't trippin'. There's nothing wrong with being labeled a "gangsta" rapper; that's the type of sh*t I make."

"Look at Ice Cube, he's a gangsta rapper. He's versatile. Look at how far he's gone in the entertainment world. He's blossomed and he's grown. I don't think the term handicaps me in any way, whatsoever. I think it can actually help me. Especially, due to the fact that so many ni**as in this sh*t is pu**y. So, when you got a whole bunch of pu**y a*s ni**as rappin' and a couple of real ni**as, you know you stand out. So, I think it's great. It's fun being Gangsta Gibbs."

Do you agree with Gibbs' assessment that the game is full of soft rappers?

Source: sohh.com