Wu-Tang lyricist and all around hip hop legend Raekwon has given the thumbs up for young up-and-comer Napoleon Da Legend.

Rae said that Napoleon's "Oxygen" single reminded him of how he was just coming to notoriety as a rapper in the early 90s.

"When I first heard the beat by Napoleon Da Legend, I knew it was gonna be special, but when I heard his vocals and the beat combined, it reminded me of myself being a hungry cat coming up, 'bout to take the game by storm," Rae told SOHH.

"I'm very conscious about who I record with far as new artists is concerned, but when I wrote my verse I followed his lead because it was so powerful. It was that great that I [was] contemplating about buying the record from him. But this will be a cat y'all will be hearing from in the near future I'm co-signing that!"

source: hiphopblog.com