There was no doubt in most people's mind that Blue Ivy Carter, the newborn daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce, would grow up to be a superstar in some realm. However, most didn't anticipate her career starting just hours after she was born.

Jay and Bey's little bundle of joy is officially the youngest person ever to appear on the Billboard charts, as Hov's newest track "Glory" ft. B.I.C. rose to the number 74 spot this week.

Jay followed in Stevie Wonder's footsteps, as Stevie recorded his then-newborn daughter Aisha's coos and cries on his hit "Isn't She Lovely." So why doesn't Aisha hold this title instead of B.I.C.? Well, Stevie didn't credit Aisha as being featured on the song, and it didn't reach the top of the charts until Jan. 29, 1977, nearly two years after she was born.

In a spontaneous twist of fate, "Glory" is Jay-Z's 107th single to chart on Billboard, mirroring B.I.C.'s January 7th birth date.