A baker named Alethea Hickman was offered tons of free publicity for designing a cake to be presented at Lebron James' birthday party in Miami last week.

According to the Miami Herald, Hickman, the owner of Passion For Pastry, was given the opportunity to bake a special five-layer cake for Lebron James' 27th birthday.

In exchange for providing the extravagant cake on a two day's notice, Hickman was promised a slice of the publicity -- but not payment -- which would come along with the party.

Hickman created the cake and even hired extra people to help her deliver it. But when photos were released from the party, she discovered that her cake had been replaced with another competing bakery.

"Everything just sunk so I can't believe this is happening," Hickman said. "I don't get it. I was totally betrayed. They dissed something that was not easy to come up with. It's very traumatic. I'm an artist. That was a masterpiece to me."

Clearly, someone in LeBron's camp didn't agree. While it's doubtful that LeBron had any say in the cakes being replaced -- he may have had bigger things on his mind like proposing to his longtime girlfriend at the party.

Check out Hickman's cake the other cake they decided to go with below.

Source - Huffington Post