Back in the 90s when female rapper, Charli Baltimore earned her record deal and had a mutual friendship with Jay-Z, ans it was thought that Hov penned the lyrics to her first single, "Money."

Years later, Baltimore puts all those rumors to rest but admitting that her 1998 single was written by the LOX not Jay-Z.When asked about Hov's part in her debut single Charli replied, "Jay-Z didn't ghostwrite 'Money."

She went on to explain "I never had any [songs] ghostwritten by Jay-Z. I do all my own writing. But actually, 'Money' was written by The L.O.X. And that was because I had just gotten my deal and the person running the label at the time, [Lance "Un" Rivera], just thought that my first single should be written by someone else. But they wrote that and then after that I never had anybody else write anything for me. I write all of my stuff."