Somaya Reece saw heightened success with her career after being featured on season 1 of Vh1's "Love and Hip-Hop," but the show has slowly waned her off in the second season.

The voluptuous superstar recently sat down with MommysDirtyLittleSecret, where she dished on her next moves and her budding singing career.

She says Beyonce inspired her to "go harder," after a chance meeting while shopping for shoes.

"I recently met Beyonce while we were shopping for shoes and she said "Congratulations Somaya on your career and what you've accomplished I'm proud." Remember I told Olivia about Beyonce? Beyonce has everything she wants in life and did not have to even acknowledge my presence. Yet she was so humble and took the time to talk to me and tell me she knew me from the show and congratulated me. Now that shows class, and that is how all artists should be. If you know you a bad b***** then you don't have to hate on another artist. I nearly fainted at her humility!"

Many fans of "Love and Hip-Hop" may be wondering why Somaya hasn't been featured as much this season on the show, which she says she knows nothing about. Somaya says she filmed a lot of footage for the second season, but it has yet to be aired. She says that she doesn't keep in close contact with the ladies of the show, but revealed that Mama Jones, Kimbella and Yandy still reach out to her on occasion.

So what's next for Somaya? Well, she's readying her mixtape Rebel With a Cause, set to drop in January 2012, which she worked on with Grammy award winning producer Richy Pena and a Denver team KMG. Somaya also signed with Rebel entertainment partners, who also rep Mario Lopez and Eva Longoria, which should lead to some interesting ventures.