The HBO network's programming president Michael Lombardo recently cancelled three of the network's well-known shows. The series cancelled "Hung", "Bored To Death" and ironically "How To Make It In America".

All three shows had multiple seasons under their belt, but the network felt they didn't have the marketing pull to succeed in further seasons. Lombardo allowed the shows to finish their current seasons and made the executive decision to cancel them to make room for newer shows.

There have been menacing reviews and disappointment surrounding the New York City based, hipster series “How to Make it in America.” The series, starring Byran Greenberg with some assistance from rapper Kid Cudi, focuses on a team of young Brooklynites trying to pursue their dreams in the fashion world. Many view it as carbon copy of the network's hit show "Entourage", which ran for eight seasons.

After its second season, "How To Make It In America" looped in only 560,000 viewers. Seems the show made it nowhere fast.