Watch The Throne has been talked about since its release and with good reason. It seems after the first day of the tour everyone has more to say about the Kanye and Jay-Z collaboration, including Method Man.

In Meth's opinion WTT should have been a Nas and Jay-Z effort.

"I mean, Kanye's a genius—I love the dude—but Watch The Throne should have been Nas and Jay. Ni**as would still be talking about that even if the album was wack. I'm not taking sh*t away from 'Ye. Kanye and RZA should go in maybe. Maybe Kanye and Dr. Dre. But as far as emcees, Nas and Jay." -via Complex

A Nas and Jay-Z collaborative effort would be a precious gift from the Hip Hop Gods, but would the kids want to hear it? The Throne is more about wealth and the decadence of luxury, something Ye and Jay are more versed at. In terms of the new era of Hip Hop, Kanye is the rising icon of the generation and who the listeners look up to. Where as a Nas and Jay-Z album will probably only cater to the ears of the older crowd.