Embattled preacher Bishop Eddie Long is being sued by ten New Birth Baptist Church parishioners, who say they lost more than $1 million after investing in a company endorsed by Long.

The lawsuit, which was filed on Wednesday, states that Long held a 3-day long investment seminar, where he introduced City Capital Corporation's then-CEO, Ephren Taylor to his congregation. Members of the congregation were then encouraged to invest in the company after Long stated, "I am responsible for everyone I bring before you and what they say. The gentleman that I am going to bring before you is an ordained minster. That gives me great pride to bring him for you."

The suit also reveals that Taylor's company was failing and members of the church were scammed out of their life savings by investing in the collapsing business.

This lawsuit comes right on the heels of another suit, which Long settled earlier this year when 5 of his former parishioners claimed he committed sexual misconduct.

Source: sandrarose.com