Lil Wayne put fans into tailspin when he announced that he would be retiring in his early 30's to be a better father to his children. However, Mack Maine spoke to XXL recently about Wayne's retirement, and he's not quite buying the idea.

"As far as that retirement goes, I don't know what he's talking about. I'm not trying to hear that... I mean technically he can. We paved the way where Young Money the brand is gonna be so big. And he's done so much where he can just tour."

Wayne has been in the game since the tender age of 14, which is when he linked up with Cash Money in the early days, and soon turned them into millionaires. Mack Maine knows the passion that he has for creativity and music, which makes him think about Wayne retiring from the game.

"I know his love and passion for the music.... I also know he has love and passion for his kids and family and he sacrificed a lot of this life we living. So at 30, if he says he wants to hang it up and be a family and a businessman, I wouldn't be mad at it. He'll be like 18, 19 close to 20 years in the game. And have put out that many albums. He'll be a vet at a young age. It's not like we're gonna need to put out albums, it's just the passion. Can you walk away from it?"

Do you think Wayne will retire?