Weezy recently discussed how his sweet-natured song "How to Love" came into existence, saying he was surprised by how it all came about.

"I came home and my man Detail gave me that record," he recalled. "When I got in the studio I listened to it all the way through it and I was like 'this shit ill, but it don't have no room for me. Where do I go [in]? I don't get it. He just want me to [record] a verse?' Then [Mack] was like 'He wants you to do the [whole] song!"

Wayne said it was very similar to how his breakout hit "Lollipop" came about.

"That same thing happened with 'Lollipop,'" he explained. "My man, [producer] Static Major, came in [the studio] and he cut the song on. I was like, 'That shit cool.' I started rapping on the song, and I was like 'I'm finished.' I just did eight bars and he was like, 'Nah, you supposed to go in there and say all that other shit too.'"

The rapper insists "How to Love" isn't singing, claiming he doesn't know how to sing.

"I don't look at 'How to Love' as singing," he said, "'cause I don't know how to sing. Singing has a definition in the dictionary and I don't follow none of that muthafu**a. But, I know how to make a song. I know how to use my voice. I don't know how to sing, but I know what to do with my voice. I just made a great song. Singing is something totally different."

Source: xxlmag.com