Back in 2009 before she was "Mama Monster," Lady Gaga appeared on Wale's "Chillin" video and now Wale is wanting a chance to be in her inner circle.

At the time of the "Chillin" video Lady Gaga's first album had just dropped, but she hadn't quite taken off with the momentum she has now. Wale recently sat down for an interview with XXL, where he talked about the experience.

"My n*ggas always talk about that sh*t, especially the most muthaf*ckin' streets n*ggas," Wale explained in the interview. "They be like, 'You know you did a song with Lady Gaga, a real song.' It's cool, it's probably something that I'll probably use later to brag about."

He also said, given the chance, he would like to break into her close group of insiders to get the scoop on the behind-the-scenes experiences she deals with.

"I don't even know if she talk to rappers -- It'd be cool to have a friend that was that famous and then she could tell me the weird sh*t that goes when you doing shows for a million dollars. I wanna know all the weird sh*t that goes on behind them contracts."