TBS announced the cancellation of The George Lopez Show, the last show will air on August 11, 2011. Apparently the decline in ratings came as a result of the Conan O'Brien show taking the 11pm time slot; which Lopez had during his first season. TBS' plan was to have Conan's show usher in more viewers to Lopez's show similar to NBC's plan of using Jay Leno's show to usher in more viewers to Conan's show. However the plan didn't quite work out, George's show lost 40% viewership when Conan's show took the 11 pm slot.

According to TMZ "On Monday, Conan pulled in an anemic 0.5 rating in the key demographic (18 - 49) with 715,000 viewers -- and that's a pretty typical day. George's ratings hovered around 0.2, with 400,000 viewers."

Source: tmz.com