While stopped at a Jack-in-the-Box restaurant in Arizona, the bodyguard of comedian Katt Williams opened fire on a German Shepard.

Williams' tour bus was in the parking lot of a Jack-in-the-Box when someone's pet German Shepard got off the leash and approached the body guard. Apparently, the dog bit the bodyguard prompting him to pull out his sidearm and shoot the animal twice, killing it instantly.

The dog, named Lester, was a retired police dog. The story doesn't end there, though. Katt Williams came off the bus to apologize, and in his arms he carried an 8 week old Mastiff puppy. The comedian gave the dog to the devastated owners, and said he would take action on the bodyguard.

"Katt Williams came outside and told us that he [the bodyguard] will be fired immediately," said one of the owners.

source: tmz.com