Sole AKA Tonya Lumpkin AKA Ginuwine's Wife and a fan apparently get into on twitter after Sole tweeted "If u sendin my husband DMs trying 2 b sexy & holler on the low #youneedtositdown ...were laughing @ u lol #shame & #jesustakethewheel." One fan who goes by the moniker @breeze_bi_yu responded "@MrsSole they can only DM him if he's following them & he's probably following for a reason,so check HIM not the fans!! #thatisall."

Sole clearly didn't like that response and the two ensued in an online twitter argument that involved Sole's 16 year old daughter who tweeted "@breeze_bi_yu <<< This lady trying to go on my parents #youneedtositdown and stop seeking attention." Friends of Sole also got involved with berating the fan for merely stating her opinion on twitter.

Peep the tweets and leave your thoughts.