50 Cent took to twitter yesterday and made some pretty off the cuff comments about singer Jill Scott and her recent weight loss.

Here's a peak at what Fiddy had to say "Got dam jill scott done made a move on me lol I just saw a picture of her she looks great. Beautiful baby LMAO." Some perceived them as compliments while Scott fans were a little offended. Jill on the other hand took it all with a grain of salt.

"@kissandmakeup82 @50cent never said a rude thing 2 or about me. Far as I know. Shit. Even if he did, his business mind is savvy. N his eyes." The singer even talked about working with 50.

To make up for his misgivings, 50 went out and purchased "Light of the Sun" Jills latest CD.

What are your thoughts on 50's tweets about Jill?