Rodney Johnson, 37 and Brian McCleod, 40 have been charged with the murder of Tony Yayo associate Lowell Fletcher a.k.a "Lodi Mack." In 2009 Lowell was killed and it's assumed to be in relation to the assault of Henchman's 14-year-old son two year prior outside of 50 Cent's management firm. 

Fletcher plead guilty to endangering the welfare of a child and spent two years behind bars for the assault on Henchman's son and unrelated narcotics charges. Two weeks after being released on parole Fletcher was ambushed by several men in the Bronx, who shot and killed him.

In a superseding indictment unsealed late last month in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, the two men were accused of killing Fletcher. Rodney Johnson is charged with plotting with unnamed conspirators to kill Fletcher. McCleod is charged with agreeing to carry out the homicide in exchange for narcotics.

Prosecutors and Drug Enforcement Administration agents believe that Rosemond headed the group's East Coast operations.

Henchman's lawyer released a statement in response to his involvement.

"The only 'evidence' tying that murder to Jimmy Rosemond is the uncorroborated word of a criminal seeking to get out from under a lengthy jail sentence. Prosecution witnesses have been bribed and threatened, solely in an effort to convict Jimmy, a target of the US Attorney's office for years."