In an interview with Rapfix, Juelz Santana speaks out on the drug raid at his New Jersey studio last year. 

"My name is the biggest so of course they are going to target me as the one to put a lot of the blame on, I had no clue on what's going on, I rent the studio out to people." The Harlem rapper was not charged for the drugs; but was charged with weapons possession, "They charged me with the firearms, they didn't charge me with trying to sell, but they put out a statement making it seem like I was selling weed out of my studio, which is preposterous," he said.

He also went on to say "I got a phantom and a Bentley outside of my studio; I'm not selling dime bags. That sh-- is just crazy."

Is this another case of the police profiling rappers?

Source: SOHH