A.I. recently did an interview for SLAM Magazine rocking the Fro and a vintage Philadelphia 76 Sixers jersey. Check out an excerpt, from the interview below.

SLAM: Even if it impacted you negatively, you never conformed.

AI: And a lot of that's a bittersweet feeling. A lot of those things make me feel good, but I think I took a beating for them. I'm not bitter about it, 'cause I think I helped people feel like they could be themselves. I took that beating, and now you see guys being whoever they want to be. Besides Dennis Rodman, you didn't see nobody with tattoos and all that stuff. Now you see kids having a million tattoos and able to be themselves.

I had my cornrows; now you see police officers with cornrows. That used to be the look of the suspect [laughs]. Now you see everybody with them: boxers, football players, you know what I mean? So that part of it makes me feel good because I know I had to take a beating for other guys to be accepted the way they are.

Source - Slam Online