Sean Kingston's jet ski passenger, long time friend Cassandra Sanchez spoke out about their recent crash that could have killed them both. Cassandra says she and a female friend arrived in Miami to ride jet skis with Sean and a buddy of his. The two jet skis pulled out of the dock at the same time, but Cassandra says Sean was going so fast they "blasted past them" in a few minutes. The two were racing towards a low lying bridge and Cassandra began to get nervous, because she knew they couldn't fit underneath and screamed out "We can't fit under there! Are we going to try and go under there? Sean stop!"

Cassandra believes that Kingston tried to turn away at the last second, lost control and hit the bridge. She woke up in the water to see Sean bleeding from his mouth as her friends from the other jet ski positioned him so he wouldn't swallow anymore water.

"[Sean] was coughing up blood, foam and pink stuff" ... and when he finally opened his eyes, he kept repeating the words, "I'm hurting. I'm hurting"

Cassandra says she's still a little sore, but overall her injuries are minor compared to Kingston who has a tube going down his throat and can't really speak. She says the doctors plan to keep him in the hospital "for a couple more weeks."