Sean goes in on rappers jacking his flow! 

The G.O.O.D. music artist credits himself for bringing the one word rhyme style, known as "supa dupa flow," to the rap game. He admits that Drake made the style popular, but the Young Money superstar also gave Sean props for bringing the style to light. Hesitant to call people out, Sean admits that some artist "do it so wack," and opens up about Ludacris allegedly stealing the style for "My Chick Bad." Sean says "Don't get it wrong I'm not trying to dis Ludacris or nothing. He's a great MC. But even though that style got so overused, there was a lot of people who did it great and there was a lot of people who didn't do it so great." Admitting that he "changed hip hop" with his rhyme style without even dropping an album, he isn't mad that other artists are using his supa dupa flow.