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Part 2: Gilbert Arenas: NBA Finals were Trash! Celtics Shot Too Many Threes! You're Not Curry!


Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas declared the Los Angeles Lakers as the greatest NBA franchise, dismissing the Boston Celtics' claim despite their recent success. The Celtics secured their 18th championship, edging past the Lakers. However, Arenas remains unequivocal, attributing much of Boston's historical success to an era with significantly fewer teams and limited Black player participation.

Arenas, an ardent Lakers supporter, argues that the true measure of greatness lies in the modern NBA era, particularly post-merger with the ABA. He points out that since this merger, the Celtics have only clinched five titles, compared to the Lakers' dominance and consistent performance. Arenas also touched upon Jaylen Brown's commendable performance, awarding him the Finals MVP over teammate Jayson Tatum. He praised Brown for his sacrifices and contributions to the Celtics, especially given the organization's past oversight of his achievements.