Legendary New York Mets pitcher and three-time World Series champion Dwight "Doc" Gooden talked about his life and career in a new VladTV exclusive. Gooden revealed childhood traumas that later manifested in his adult life before breaking down his baseball journey as a child prodigy. After being a standout in his teen years, the Cy Young winner skipped college after the New York Mets drafted him with the fifth pick. After playing just one year in the minor leagues, Gooden was called up to the major league and instantly became a breakout star. As one of Major League Baseball's brightest young stars, Gooden helped reverse the Mets' fortunes into a memorable championship run in 1986. However, despite Gooden's superstardom and success, the baseball pro struggled with addiction throughout his career. To hear how Gooden battled his struggles as a baseball star and what led him to overcome his issues, check out the full interview above.