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Part 2: Wack100 on Judge Blocking Him from Bailing Out Keefe D Over VladTV Interview


Wack100 addressed rumors suggesting that VladTV's offices were raided by federal investigators for footage of Keefe D, linked to the Tupac Shakur case. Wack100 recounted receiving credible-sounding information that sparked his concern. He reached out to Vlad, only to discover that there had been no FBI raid. Vlad emphasized the transparency of his operations, noting that any interview, such as the one in question with Keefe D, is publicly available online. He reaffirmed his non-cooperation stance with law enforcement, sharing a voicemail from the Las Vegas PD. Wack100 and Vlad joked about the highly visible recording setup at VladTV, where multiple microphones and cameras record every conversation openly, making any secret raid unlikely.